Sunday, December 02, 2012

Did my marriage failed me or I failed in my marriage?

Monday, November 19, 2012


Its been a long time since i came here and write something.

Work has caught up with me. Worldly things became distracting and developed into distractions.
Sleep became deprived and health was badly neglected.

Had always wished that i could take a month of hiatus and run away to another place to relax and 'detox' myself.

Many things have happened in my life recently. Though it is not so convenient to tell it all but the reason for blogging this is to get it imprinted into my head what realizations i had made today.

Today, amidst all the worldly busy-ness to get all my work and appointments sorted out, i realized that i had to carry out a lot of stuff and then meet a lot of people; do a lot of stuff and then, came to a conclusion that there are a lot of things i attached myself with.

Family relationships. Husband. Parents. cousins.

Worldly matters.