Monday, May 01, 2006

A little surprise from a courageous girl

It's been a month since i feed my thoughts in here. many a times i have so much to blog and so much to share with my readers but i'm drained out and totally lethargic every night. it wasnt the classes that drained me, perhaps it was rushing from places to places for my classes.

I WANT TO BLOG!!!! I have so many things to say but not enough time. Allah has mentioned in the Quran that ' time is always leaving men behind'. how amazing that even the Quran that 'survived' through these years have such 'real value' of substance that is so very much applicable in this modern context of our lives. How can you not take heed and look at Islam from a different perspective?

Anyway, just a short note...

Recently, friendship has been given a totally new meaning into my life through a mail from my overseas convert friend in Kuching. I received a 'praying gown' called 'telerkung' via mail all the way from Kuching. I was very shocked and happy and delighted that I've got Mail!!!
Even though i had friends, which i made over the internet, never did i expect someone to send me a parcel when we didn't know each other so well. but strangely, when we exchanged emails, we just felt that we cliqued and somehow share so many similar things as converts to the religion.

I'm certainly looking forward to meeting you, sis Fathihah (: