Sunday, December 02, 2012

Did my marriage failed me or I failed in my marriage?

Monday, November 19, 2012


Its been a long time since i came here and write something.

Work has caught up with me. Worldly things became distracting and developed into distractions.
Sleep became deprived and health was badly neglected.

Had always wished that i could take a month of hiatus and run away to another place to relax and 'detox' myself.

Many things have happened in my life recently. Though it is not so convenient to tell it all but the reason for blogging this is to get it imprinted into my head what realizations i had made today.

Today, amidst all the worldly busy-ness to get all my work and appointments sorted out, i realized that i had to carry out a lot of stuff and then meet a lot of people; do a lot of stuff and then, came to a conclusion that there are a lot of things i attached myself with.

Family relationships. Husband. Parents. cousins.

Worldly matters.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Iman - Faith

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters

Let us not be complacent by thinking that our iman will continue to be with us throughout our lives. I believe that all of us may have made such du'as to Allah:
"O Allah! Let us die as Muslims and in a state of submission when we return to You!"
Truly, this du'a is extremely important.

Some parts of our lives, we may have encountered people who have abandoned the religion and chose dunya over Islam (may Allah swt have mercy upon them). We may wonder why but we do not know why and what made them turn their backs.

But as for me, now that Allah has conferred the favor upon me to be a Muslim, i dread the day when the remembrance of Allah should ever exit my heart. Na'udzu billah! For time and time again, i hear stories of Muslims forsaking Allah and Islam.

I do fear my own safety.

"O Allah, cause me not to turn my back against You nor Islam in this life here, and let me return to You only in a state of submission and as a true believer! amin amin ya rabbal alamin!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Alhamdulillah. was given the opportunity to attend a talk on Good Friday by a Ustadh from USA.
He came here before but was invited by another organisation and i still had the notes from his previous lectures.

I didn't know why. But at one point, when I heard him talking about the trials and tribulations a convert would face, i teared as i recalled my journey.

I teared even more, when i realised how far i have veered away from the path of practises and reminders; how far have i cast myself away from the path of bringing myself closer to Allah...

and tonight, my yearning returned.

and insya allah, may Allah swt continue to guide me on the straight Path, the path that He favoured and not the Path of wrath nor the astrayed. amin amin ya rabbal alamin.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

The World is so big

Look at us...

When we look at the world with our eyes, we are so impressed and overwhelmed by how much it contains and how much we can gather from it...

But have we truly look through our heart at how Magnificent He can be, to create the World, the Universe so big? Do we only have the eyes and the heart to look at created things, and not the Creator?

Should the Creator be accorded the respect, honour and humility and gratitude we should have for Him?

Sometimes we do lose sight of the bigger picture. maybe you don't.

I do.but alhamdulillah, God loves me and pull me back on the right track.

God loves His Servants much more than His servants love Him.

Monday, December 27, 2010


婚姻 - 真的需要兩個人一起努力,來維持。

Saturday, November 06, 2010

O My Lord!

"My sins, if i think about them, are many
But the mercy of my Lord is much vaster
I do not hope for salvation in any good action I may have done
Rather in Allah's mercy is my hope
He is Allah my Lord who is my creator
And I am (infront of Him) a slave who obeys and submits
If forgiveness is intended for me then that is mercy
And if it is other than it then what am I to do?"

Counsel in Fours....Preparing for the Day of Judgement